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Windows 11 will have a feature to increase productivity and reduce distractions by allowing users to start ‘focus sessions‘.

The focus sessions will let users pick a task from a pre-written to-do list, set a timer, and pair the activity with a Spotify playlist. Users can also set the number of breaks they want to take and review the progress made daily.

The tool will be made accessible via the Clock app in Windows 11. Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, has described it as a game-changer that will boost productivity for users working from home or in the office.

Spotify on a productivity context

Windows 10 already has an integration with Spotify, accessible using the Windows Xbox Game Bar. However, that feature was predictably limited to gamers and a few people who know where it is.

Integrating Spotify with the clock app shifts the focus from just gaming enthusiasts who need something in the background to play games to people who want to focus on their daily tasks in a productivity context.

Panos Panay commented with the hashtags #Productivity, #Creativity, and #WindowsInsiders.

Focus Sessions

The new feature builds on the ‘focus assist’ feature in Windows 10, which allows users to avoid notification while it is on. Windows 11 takes it further by giving focus sessions their own space within an app, where users can track progress and access other integrations.

It is not clear if the focus sessions will shunt users to a separate desktop mode where they can only access a list of pre-approved apps and services, or whether the only thing stopping users from distracting themselves is simply because they wish it.

All in all, users can leave the session and abandon their bid to be productive. However, it couldn’t hurt to take the feature for a spin and see how it works for you.