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Microsoft announced an upcoming update for the Microsoft 365 suite of tools. The update will allow users to mute notifications. Microsoft sent a message to customers on the Microsoft 365 message centre saying that they would be able to turn off notifications during meetings and events by February.

Though the Microsoft 365 message is not public, the company confirmed the update is coming, complete with a Microsoft 365 roadmap page that says the change will be in effect by February.

Users will have the option to mute notifications during meetings to keep them focused.

Right in the global settings

The users will be able to choose an option to block notifications for all meetings or go on a meeting-by-meeting basis. The change was scheduled back in November last year and updated at the end of last year.

The original message to Microsoft 365 users was about how distracting notifications can be when in a meeting. Without an easy way to turn them on and off, users experience friction managing this aspect.

Microsoft wants to make it so users can go into global settings and turn them off by clicking on the three dots next to their profile photos.

Productivity gets a boost

Users can also toggle the feature on and off by going to the uBar for a meeting-by-meeting option. December 2021 saw several Microsoft Teams features, including end-to-end encryption for Teams calls and a new 911 emergency calling location detection capability.

Other updates that came to Teams include chat and collaboration, security, and compliance. Devices, Teams Phone and some changes to meetings.

Microsoft will continue to augment its suite with new features to compete with collaboration software companies, as well as productivity suites like Google’s Workspace, Zoom, Webex Meetings, and more.