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The AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 will become the first chip to feature Qualcomm FastConnect 6900.

AMD and Qualcomm are collaborating to optimize Ryzen Pro business laptops with FastConnect 6900 wifi connectivity.

The optimization uses a 6GHz wireless band. It’s speculated that FastConnect will offer improved video conferencing, reduced latency, and enhanced connection reliability — even when connected to multiple Wi-Fi bands.

The first chips offering FastConnect will be the AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 processors. The systems likely to include these chips are the Lenovo ThinkPad Z series and HP EliteBook 805 series. 

AMD Manageability Processors

These improvements mean a ton of added benefits for IT administrators. They can combine AMD PRO Manageability features with FastConnect support for more than three dozen widely used open standard-based DASH profiles.

This built-in solution is a great approach for those looking to carry out remote management on AMD’s commercial platforms. Enterprises, where hybrid working has become a greater part of their organization, can benefit significantly from wifi 6 and wifi 6E advancements. AMD has improved exponentially in the past years. FastConnect 6900 is a clear indication of this progress.

“Out-of-band Wi-Fi remote management is an important tool for enterprise IT managers to diagnose and fix issues, even when the operating system is not running”, said Jason Banta, CVP and General Manager of OEM client computing AMD. “This represents the first step in our relationship to bring superior wireless connectivity to the AMD mobile computing roadmap”, added Dino Bekis, vice president and general manager, Mobile Compute and Connectivity at Qualcomm.