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DataStax and Intel have established a collaborative partnership to enhance technology performance.

DataStax’s collaboration with Intel revolves around the most recent Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the open-source Cassandra database and Apache Pulsar streaming technologies. The companies want to make improvements to every project and provide cloud solutions based on the open-source programs.

DataStax was chosen for the Intel Disruptor Initiative, where Intel collaborates with cutting-edge businesses to redefine innovation. Mick Semb Wever, Apache Cassandra solutions architect at DataStax, said that the company is “excited to work with Intel on optimizing the performance of both Cassandra and Pulsar-based services on Intel’s powerful technologies”.

Apache Cassandra, used among brands such as Apple, Walmart, Netflix, and hundreds of others, allows organizations to process and manage huge amounts of data for users worldwide. Cassandra is rapidly evolving with upcoming functionalities like support for ACID transactions. Intel and DataStax have made significant contributions to the open-source project.


DataStax is a real-time data-providing company. Its solutions help businesses create the smart, high-scale apps required to become genuine data-driven companies. The power of Apache Pulsar’s cutting-edge streaming technology and Apache Cassandra’s scalable database are combined exclusively in DataStax Astra DB, which is provided as a service on any cloud.

Many companies worldwide, including Verizon, FedEx, ESL Gaming, and Audi, depend on DataStax to unlock the potential of real-time data and offer digital experiences that can win over new customers and transform businesses.

Astra Streaming, the company’s Apache Pulsar-based cloud-native data streaming technology, recently became publicly available. It helps customers to improve their data-in-motion approach and update their event-driven architecture.

Intel and DataStax

The Intel-DataStax partnership will emphasize introducing the most recent Cassandra and Pulsar technologies to academic institutions worldwide to speed up innovation and coach the new generation of programmers and data scientists on these potent open-source projects.