Microsoft Teams update speeds up chat and channel switching by 30 percent

Microsoft Teams update speeds up chat and channel switching by 30 percent

Microsoft has dramatically decreased latency for Windows and Mac users of the Teams desktop client.

Jeff Chen, a Microsoft Principal Group Program Manager for Microsoft Teams, said on Thursday that navigating between chat and channel threads is now more than 30 percent faster.

Chen added that the most frequent user action in Teams is hopping between multiple conversations, channels and activity feeds. The program manager claims that the new Teams framework provides dramatic speed improvements by running HTML, JavaScript and arrays more effectively.

Teams is less power-hungry

Microsoft pushed several performance updates to Microsoft Teams in recent months, such as enhanced meeting responsiveness and less delay when joining meetings. The company reported that the most recent framework upgrade reduced join times by 21 percent and increased responsiveness during meetings.

For instance, the latency of raising a hand was reduced by 16 percent. This June, Microsoft also reported improved latency and page load speed for messaging. Scrolls over chat and channel lists became 11 percent faster while the loading speed of the chat box improved by 63 percent.

The updates

In February, the business said that Teams had substantially decreased meeting power needs, utilizing up to 50 percent less power for power-hungry use cases in video meetings with ten or more participants.

Since June 2020, Microsoft has reduced Teams’ power needs in several ways.

  • Hardware and video capture optimization in October 2020, achieved by cutting CPU loads when using video cameras.
  • Consolidating many screen components for a single render process in February 2021, resulting in better processing for multiple video feeds in conference calls.
  • Direct video rendering in June 2021.
  • GPU render optimization through enhancements in graphics card usage for video rendering in November 2021.
  • Preview render enhancements in December 2021.

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