SUSE study: ‘Data integrity is critical factor in cloud adoption’

SUSE study: ‘Data integrity is critical factor in cloud adoption’

Cloud adoption is held back by failing or insufficient security solutions for data in the cloud. SUSE’s research therefore states that data integrity plays a crucial role in promoting cloud adoption.

For 88 percent of companies in Europe and the Americas, it’s crystal clear: if data were guaranteed secure in the cloud, they would move more workloads to the cloud. That’s the key finding from SUSE’s cloud security report.

The “Securing the Cloud” report shares responses from 501 respondents. The participating profiles are diverse and range from C-suite to IT professionals.

Furthermore, the report provides insight into security issues at European and U.S. organizations. We note that SUSE minimized Europe to German and British companies. European organizations experienced three security incidents in their cloud environment last year. That is less than the average of four incidents, which is pulled up by the number of incidents at U.S. organizations.

Data storage security top priority

In the coming year, securing data storage in the cloud (31%) will become a top priority. They will also work on preventing runtime attacks, getting security policies in place, federation and automation (29%).

In terms of funding for about a third of companies cloud native security will take most of the budget. European companies will also anticipate a re-evaluation in the coming year of how they test code for bugs (40% versus 15% in the U.S.).

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