AWS Entity Resolution merges related documents with the help of AI

AWS Entity Resolution merges related documents with the help of AI

Entity Resolution from AWS is a new solution to merge documents dealing with the same topic. The service is generally available immediately.

AWS is making data management easier with the new Entity Resolution. Users can use it to put related documents together in one dataset in a few clicks. The dataset can contain content from multiple documents scattered on different systems or applications.

Automatic service by AI

The service can be operated through preconfigured sets that recognize related documents through AI. Users can additionally build their own workflows.

AWS Entity Resolution can be used for various purposes. For example, it is possible to build customer profiles, deliver personalized experiences, link product codes and clean up data by detecting and removing duplicate files.

According to the company, a growing group of industries needs such a solution. “For example, advertisers need to link recent consumer interactions, such as clicks, abandoned shopping carts and purchases, to better understand shopping patterns across applications and deliver more relevant marketing campaigns. Retailers want to match product stock units (SKUs), universal product codes (UPCs) and manufacturer codes to better predict buying patterns and improve supply chain efficiency.”

AWS Entity Resolution is available immediately in the following European regions: Frankfurt, Ireland and London.

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