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Google is releasing updates to its BigQuery data platform. As in Google’s other announcements, AI is once again the main subject. Furthermore, BigQuery will get a new, centralized interface.

BigQuery will be equipped with AI. Google announced this at the Cloud Next conference. This and other enhancements are for the time being mostly promises. Most are currently in preview to be tested out, with the date for general availability remaining unknown.

First Google brings Duet AI to the data warehouse. This is a generative AI tool developed by the search giant that allows users to ask questions in natural language.

BigQuery Studio

BigQuery will get a new interface with the arrival of BigQuery Studio. This centralizes the solutions deployed for data engineering, analytics and predictive analytics. This should eliminate having to switch between tools to get work done constantly.

Integration with Vertex AI foundation models

In addition, BigQuery ML, the tool for developing machine learning models in the managed data warehouse, integrates with Vertex AI. That gives data engineers and AI developers access to foundation models such as PaLM 2.

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In addition, models can be refined through the new capabilities of vector and semantic search. That helps find unstructured data such as text and images.