SOTI equips XSight with ability to live track devices on the move

SOTI equips XSight with ability to live track devices on the move

SOTI announces updates to the SOTI ONE platform. The company says it is making the most significant update to SOTI XSight. This monitoring and data platform gets the feature Live View to track enterprise devices in real-time during transportation.

SOTI ONE, a total solution for managing enterprise devices, collecting data, and creating new applications, is due for a new release. At SOTI SYNC 23 in Munich, it will demonstrate updates to XSight, MobiControl and Snap.

Live View

Most of the attention during the keynote on September 27 will go to the update for SOTI XSight. The feature enables real-time insights into enterprise devices and combines this data with information about business processes. The data also includes the current position of a device, making it possible to track the movement of a package delivery person, for example. Other data available are the signal strength and speed of the movement.

The function can also be used for devices that do not leave the company. In this situation, Live View makes itself useful when an incident occurs that causes production loss. If the IT department does not have immediate time during the incident or notification to IT does not follow until the incident is resolved, it is possible to get more insight into the event by going back in time at the stored data.

Finally, to gain in-depth insights from the data platform, SOTI integrates Snap. This application serves simplified app development through a drag-and-drop interface. Apps created through the platform can pass data to Live View.

Windows integrates into MobiControl and XSight

The novelties for XSight don’t stop there. The full data platform will become available on Windows. Enterprise devices can further be linked to MobiControl, a platform to monitor device operation and usage, and registration of new devices will now be possible via Microsoft Azure AD. This solution will also be available to link Android, iOS and MacOS devices.

Once the device is registered, login can now be done via Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions Microsoft Entra ID Shared Device Mode, Imprivata Mobile Device Access and SOTI Mobile SSO. Also coming is support for Shared iPad for Business. These solutions all make it easier to log quick in to devices shared by different employees.

All updates will be available before the end of October.

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