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Confluent has released Confluent for Kubernetes. This now makes it possible to run the data streaming software on-premises via Kubernetes.

In a blog post, Rohit Bakhshi, product manager at Confluent, says the company has completely reimagined its platform to allow users to run a Kafka service on their own private cloud. The company’s new product is aimed at development teams who want to get started quickly with Confluent Platform or a central platform team responsible for facilitating developers’ ability to work with data.

Advantages over the cloud version

Confluent lists three specific advantages of using Confluent for Kubernetes. One is that API-driven automation can help deploy and manage in any private environment, which should help get value out of a product faster and reduce operational burdens.

Another benefit is that using Confluent for Kubernetes eliminates risk and costly investments. After all, the system is built to be a secure, reliable and production-ready platform for data-in-motion. Finally, the software can run efficiently anywhere, regardless of which private cloud is used.

Same functionality, but on-premises

In terms of features, Confluent for Kubernetes is little different from Confluent Cloud. With that cloud service, companies can directly perform queries and analytics on streaming data based on Apache Kafka. Confluent Cloud was already available for the three major cloud providers, being Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The same features available in those cloud versions are now also available on on-premises environments.

“With Confluent for Kubernetes, you can achieve the same simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency of the cloud without the headaches and burdens of complex, Kafka-related infrastructure operations”, said Bakhshi.

Confluent Platform is now available for download from the Confluent website.

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