Alation Analytics Cloud shows companies what their data efforts are worth

Alation Analytics Cloud shows companies what their data efforts are worth

Alation has announced Analytics Cloud. By checking as many sources as possible, users are shown a visual representation of their data usage. This allows companies to assess the value of their data and improve it over time.

With Alation’s Query Log Ingestion technology, users can see which data sources are used the most and which queries are being done by groups of employees. “Data initiatives, like any strategic objective across the business, must deliver tangible ROI to demonstrate value and justify ongoing support and resources,” said Maxine Geltmeier, Data Governance Manager at First United Bank & Trust. “Understanding and illustrating value is paramount. We need to know our data maturity level and which data programs align with key organizational priorities and drive business value. We’re excited to have access to a tool that helps mature and evolve our data culture and will serve as a mechanism to prove a correlation between data initiatives and business performance. Ultimately, this empowers us to act as responsible custodians of the data we’ve been entrusted with.”


So with Analytics Cloud, organizations can improve their so-called data culture. This is a fairly broad term: it encompasses all the professional perspectives that exist within a company when it comes to dealing with data. A good data culture exploits the maximum value of the data available to the company in question. Alation highlights four components that contribute to this: data leadership, data search and discovery, data literacy and data governance.

Through a virtual scorecard, organizations are shown an evaluation of their data programs, taking into account the total number of assets tracked, the total number of users and more.

The motivation for the new product is clear: companies are looking for more insight into their data, and Alation offers more insights into this. “Organizations are investing in data as a key initiative, which means data leaders need to illustrate value in the same manner as their business leader counterparts,” said Jonathan Bruce, Vice President of Product Management at Alation. “Alation Analytics Cloud shows customers their data in a way that hasn’t been accessible before – targeted at data analysts and stewards who deliver data catalog adoption and support usage analytics at their organizations. Alation brings the value of data intelligence to life. Now, with Alation Analytics Cloud, they have the methodology to track, understand, and report on the value it brings the business, helping to evaluate data proficiency, deliver maturity, and establish a data-informed baseline to define improvement plans.” 

Alation Analytics Cloud launched today.

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