Rubrik might be looking for buyers

Rubrik might be looking for buyers

There are rumours about Rubrik, the cloud data management company, looking to sell their company, according to various sources. The company itself denies that it is investigating a possible takeover.

ChannelE2E associates the company with Cisco, by noting that John Chambers, ex-CEO of Cisco, is a major investor in the company. Wendy Bahr, former Channel Chief at Cisco, is also currently working at Rubrik as Chief Commercial Officer. These connections could prove useful in the event of an acquisition.

In addition to Cisco, however, there are a number of other candidates, including investment firms in general, as well as major IT companies such as IBM, NetApp, Google and Microsoft. According to The Information, the search for buyers has resulted from slower-than-expected sales growth and an overestimation of the market size for the company’s product.

Backup and data management

Rubrik offers a central platform for backup and data management, which makes it possible to implement data security more efficiently than with traditional approaches. Archiving unused data, increasing storage efficiency and scheduling backups are some of the functions that the platform offers users. There is also a data recovery function, in the case that files go missing, for whatever reason.

The sources of the rumours seem to agree that the market for these types of solutions is relatively static. This could be one of the reasons why Rubrik is experiencing disappointing growth. According to Dave Vellante of analytical firm Wikibon, it is also true that Rubrik would do well to move from full backup management to data management as-a-service. This would mean access to a larger market for the company, as it would also compete with the larger cloud providers.