NetApp and Google collaborate on new hybrid cloud solutions

NetApp and Google collaborate on new hybrid cloud solutions

Together with Google Cloud, NetApp is launching three new solutions for innovation in the hybrid cloud. These include NetApp Cloud Volumes Service, Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud and support for Anthos on NetApp HCI.

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud are available immediately. NetApp has announced that Cloud Volumes Service is a Cloud-native, Google Cloud-integrated file service. It should provide the performance, availability and security needed to efficiently run critical business applications.

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a data management solution. The solution should accelerate migration to the enterprise cloud through improved data protection, storage efficiency and mobility for Google Cloud and other hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

NetApp HCI for Google Cloud Anthos

NetApp HCI is an on-premise hybrid cloud infrastructure that can turn private clouds into a part of the multicloud. This infrastructure has now been validated for use with Anthos from Google Cloud. One possibility of this validation is the opportunity to build a hybrid cloud in the first place. With NetApp Trident, a fully supported open source project, organisations can set up a complex hybrid cloud environment with a combination of Google Cloud, Anthos and NetApp HCI on-premise. In addition, companies can scale as they wish and add computing power or capacity to meet their requirements. NetApp also announces that a wider range of application platforms is available, including Anthos, Kubernetes, VMware and NetApp Kubernetes Service.

“We want to enable [our customers] to drive innovation and business results through the use of the cloud, in line with the Google Cloud approach both on-premise and in the Cloud,” said Anthony Lye, Senior Vice-President and General Manager Cloud Data Services at NetApp. “With NetApp’s powerful enterprise-level services and solutions closely integrated into Google Cloud environments, companies can achieve advanced data management and unprecedented performance. In this way, they really benefit from Google Cloud’s innovative leadership in application development, analytics and machine learning.”