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Sumo Logic announces Interactive Intelligence Service and Archiving Intelligence Service. The combined offering should improve the collection and analysis of data. The solutions are suitable for, among others, operational, security, business intelligence and IoT use cases.

The solutions enable organisations to segment their data and align analytics for real-time insights, interactive searches, troubleshooting and full data archiving.

Interactive Intelligence Service

According to the company, the new Sumo Logic Interactive Intelligence Service enables customers to record all desired log or machine data for 10 cents per GB. According to Sumo Logic, the service is ideal for use cases where users need to quickly and/or periodically investigate problems, solve code or configuration issues, or in customer support cases, which often depend on searching for specific insights about a large amount of data.

Archiving Intelligence Service

The Sumo Logic Archiving Intelligence Service is designed for use cases such as operational data stores, cloud data warehousing, or to search during an unexpected security incident. With this new service, customers can send unlimited log- or other machine data for free, without additional costs for using the Sumo Logic platform. This allows customers to send data to their own AWS S3-bucket or cloud supplier of their choice. The service also offers the possibility to enter data selectively in Sumo Logic, so that the data can be quickly retrieved and analysed at a later date.

So far, only a beta of Sumo Logic Archiving Intelligence Service is available. The service should enable customers to collect and store machine data in the cloud of their choice. This new possibility offers customers a way to log unlimited data, again at no extra cost for using the Sumo Logic platform.