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Startup Cohesity has raised 250 million dollars in investments, bringing the value of the company to 2.5 billion euros. The investment in the company, which specialises in managing and backing up enterprise data, comes after a revenue growth of 150 percent in the first half of the fiscal year 2020.

CEO and founder Mohit Aron does not take the new investments for granted and said to businesswire that “attracting large investors in these uncertain economic times is proof that investors have confidence in Cohesity”.

This growth was mainly made possible by Cohesity’s most important product: DataPlatform. This allows administrators to link different systems to each other via a single interface. This removes the need to use different tools for each environment. In addition, the company develops a number of additional products for specific tasks such as backing up and reporting security risks. The startup focuses on large enterprises with complex data streams.

Cohesity’s most important partners at the moment are Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. They have made a major contribution to the million-dollar investment. The companies deliver Cohesity’s platform in combination with their own systems.