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CyberArk, a leading global firm in providing privileged access management services, today unveiled new features for CyberArk Alero that allows remote customers to securely access CyberArk’s managed critical services from any mobile equipment- including non-smartphones.

“There are nearly 1.3 billion feature phones or non-smartphones, still in use around the globe, which can be attributed to several factors including geography, government regulations and industry preferences. Smartphone adoption use in emerging countries, for example, is less than 45 percent and across Europe, employees avoid using personal phones for work, putting the onus on organizations to find alternate solutions, which may not always be a smartphone.” The company wrote in its press release.

CyberArk as a leading SaaS-based solution

By bringing together Zero Trust and Multi-Factor authentication, CyberArk Alero has been able to retain its position as a leading SaaS-based solution that offers fast, straightforward and secure privileged access for remote clients based on passwordless, biometrics model.

And in cases where there is a limitation in smartphones use, CyberArk Alero now is able to support SMS and push notifications, growing its remote clientele such as employees, contractors and third-party dealers who often need secure privileged access to sensitive data and systems to execute their tasks.

Increasing global demand for Alero

To cater to the perpetual global demand for Alero solutions, CyberArk said that it has established a new datacentre in Frankfurt, Germany. This new datacentre will supplement existing datacentres in North America.

Finally, in a bid to advance its investment in innovation, CyberArk has now been granted six patents for a couple of CyberArk Alero elements including biometric authentication.

“Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to security, CyberArk continues to evolve the capabilities of Alero and expand the use cases the service addresses to support customers in all industries and geographic locations,” said Gil Rapaport, vice president, CyberArk Alero. “We are proud of the continued investments focused on driving innovation and adoption of Alero by delivering greater flexibility, access and value to our customers.”