Nutanix launches Era 2.0 for easier cloud database operations

Nutanix launches Era 2.0 for easier cloud database operations

Enhanced platform further streamlines database provisioning and management.

On Tuesday Nutanix released the newest version of Era, its database management service. The company’s service provides simple, fast and consistent provisioning and management of cloud databases.

Era 2.0, the new release, allows DB ops teams to manage standalone and highly available, multi-region and multi-cloud databases from a single control plane. Nutanix has designed the new Era to work on private, public or hybrid cloud databases.

Centralized control of multiple databases

This means databases provisioned by Era and running on Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) work and behave the same way, with the same best practices, independent of where they run.

Nutanix Engineering Director Jeremy Launier and Chris Paap, head of Nutanix Product & solutions marketing, announced the release of Era 2.0 in a recent In a blog post.

“DB Ops teams are no longer limited to supporting databases in silos with different APIs and management interfaces for each cloud,” they wrote. “Instead, they have visibility and control over their entire database fleet.”

One of the main enhancements in the update is an upgraded version of Era’s Time Machine feature. Administrators can use Time Machine to manage backup copies of databases. Era 2.0’s upgraded version allows admins to view the backups for all of their company’s databases via a single console.

Streamlined maintenance and patching

Nutanix has expanded database patching in Era 2.0. The service now supports both single instance and database clusters for Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Era applies patches in a rolling fashion and flips any needed roles in the database cluster. This ensures the entire cluster is upgraded without impacting the database service.

This capability greatly enhances database operations for admins who typically run multiple database engines. It simplifies their administrative load even further by enabling them to apply patches across the entire fleet of databases.

Expanded support for popular database platforms

Other new features in the release include an expanded list of supported databases. In addition to the already supported SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL platforms, Era now works with SAP SE’s HANA in-memory relational store. HANA is a popular platform among large enterprises.

Interested DB admins can take a free Test Drive of Nutanix Era.

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