Oracle unveils Exedata Cloud Service for extreme workloads

Oracle unveils Exedata Cloud Service for extreme workloads

The new generation Exadata Database Cloud Service offers speed, low latency and robust scalability for even the most load intensive applications.

Oracle announced its new generation of Oracle Exadata Cloud Service. The service is based on the Exadata X8M platform and is designed to help customers move even their most mission critical workloads to a Cloud environment.

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service X8M offers architectural identicality across cloud and on-premises. This allows customers to move even the largest and most demanding databases and workloads seamlessly to the cloud.

Most importantly, customers will be able to implement the new service without having to make any changes to applications.

Juan Loaiza, Oracle’s executive vice president, mission-critical database technologies, hailed the new service as a game changer. “With today’s announcement, Oracle enables customers to run any business-critical database workload…with dramatically faster performance, higher scalability and elasticity, and lower costs than any other cloud provider,” he said.

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High Performance and Availability thanks to a Cloud architecture

The new platform features Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) from databases to Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory in smart storage servers. This enables 2.5 times higher transaction processing IOs. It also delivers 10 times better IO latency than the previous industry-leading Exadata Cloud Service release.

Exadata Cloud Service X8M features a new generation of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). These deliver greatly enhanced application transparent database scale-out and high availability for all types of database workloads.

Higher flexibility with lower cost

With the new service, customers can start small with a minimum-sized HA configuration. They can then expand by adding compute or storage as needed with no downtime.

The high performance enables customers to deploy more databases and execute more transactions on less hardware and in less time. This allows them to realize substantial cost savings.

Moreover, customers pay only for what they need. Organizations can scale Database and Storage independently online as required, and reduce costs with by-the-second pay-per-use.

The Exadata Cloud Service X8M is available from Oracle staring this month.

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