Oracle offers flexibility for on-prem in Compute Cloud@Customer

Oracle offers flexibility for on-prem in Compute Cloud@Customer

Oracle is launching a way to offer its OCI services anywhere with Compute Cloud@Customer. The scalable package offers hardware that can be installed within an organization’s server farm. Customers can “develop, deploy, secure and manage” workloads the same way they would in a cloud service.

In doing so, Oracle is offering a different kind of solution than competitors such as AWS, Microsoft and Google. Those hyperscalers can run a single version of their public cloud service locally, while Oracle customers can choose how much local power is enough for their specific purposes.

For example, one can opt for a Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, which occupies 12 racks and costs $6 million (€5.45 million) per year with a four-year contract term. Yet a customer can also opt for just one rack for less expansive needs.

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“Users want a consistent experience regardless of where services are running, and that is why we continue to invest in our distributed cloud strategy with the launch of Compute Cloud@Customer,” reveals chief corporate architect at Oracle Edward Screven. “This choice makes it easy for customers to achieve their strategic cloud business objectives while enabling them to address data residency requirements and to access high-performance connections to existing data center and latency-sensitive applications.”

The company credits market researcher The Futurum Group for highlighting that competitors are delivering disappointing performance and partnering with third-parties to run their cloud services locally. Research director Ron Westfall believes agreements with conventional Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives it an advantage.

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