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Rubrik’s acquisition of “key technology and IP assets” from the troubled company expands its data management offering.

This week Rubrik announced that it has acquired “key technology and IP assets of Igneous”. The move will help Rubrik expand its offering in the areas of Network Attached Storage (NAS) and data management. The terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed.

The company believes there is synergy between the Igneous and Rubrik approaches to managing NAS data. This move will integrate Igneous technology with the company’s own to build a unified NAS data management system.

What Igneous offers: UDMaaS

Igneous has developed petabyte-scale unstructured files data management software to identify, classify and migrate billions or even trillions of files.

The Igneous solution is capable of scanning hundreds of millions of NAS files, according to Rubrik. It can also index the metadata and transfer data protection copies to the cloud with an incremental-forever architecture.

Igneous technology also offers a simple to use web interface for managing this data. There is also the capability for deeper API-driven integration.

Why the acquisition makes sense

Dan Rogers, Rubrik President, GTM Operations, described the motives behind the acquisition in a blog post this week.

“As businesses create, modify, and use these billions of files, they struggle with very basic needs,” he writes. “How do they make a backup copy of this data? What’s an efficient way of moving and storing these copies? When it comes to recovering files, how do they find the ones they need?”

Companies are aware the future of data is cloud-based, according to Rogers. They want to ensure there’s a way to bridge their NAS data to cloud storage.

Vinod Marur, SVP of Engineering at Rubrik, explained how the two companies will work together. “Combining the innovative technology that Igneous has built with the power and breadth of Rubrik’s platform will bring the best in class solution for unstructured data management to our customers,” he said.

“We are very excited to bring the Igneous team into the Rubrik family and enable our customers to realize the value of their unstructured data while reducing risk and optimizing IT resource utilization.”

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