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Pure Storage has announced that its Pure Cloud Block Store is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This makes maintaining a multi-cloud environment for block storage a lot easier.

The Pure Cloud Block Store runs on the same data plane as Pure Storage’s own FlashArray systems. This makes collaboration between cloud and on-premises environments much more seamless. Pure Storage itself cites moving applications to the cloud as an example or supplementing on-premises workloads with Dev/Test, Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions in the cloud. Developers, therefore, only need to build their application once for all cloud environments.

With Cloud Block Storage, Pure Storage also hopes to improve the reliability of cloud storage. After all, there is no longer a single point of failure. Moreover, Microsoft offers numerous options in the area of disaster recovery. The solution should also deliver cost savings for cloud-native customers, thanks to the data reduction of Pure Storage. This should allow customers to purchase less capacity without sacrificing enterprise storage features and flexibility.

Seamless experience

“Pure has been delivering the cloud experience from day one. With Cloud Block Store on Azure, we continue to bridge the cloud gap and provide customers with the reliability, resilience, performance and operational simplicity they expect from Pure, no matter where their data resides,” said Dan Kogan, VP of Product, FlashArray, Pure Storage.

“Pure and Microsoft Azure believe that customers deserve a seamless experience, whether their infrastructure is on-premises, hybrid, multicloud or at the edge. Pure Cloud Block Store on Azure, built with unique Azure capabilities such as shared disks and Ultra Disk Storage, offers a comprehensive solution with high availability and performance. We are excited to welcome Pure Cloud Block Store to the Azure Marketplace to provide greater data mobility and protection for our joint customers,” said Aung Oo, Partner of Director Management, Microsoft Azure Storage.

Also available on AWS

It is not an entirely new service, by the way. Pure Storage has been offering Cloud Block Storage on AWS for some time. However, the company has announced that it is looking at availability on other public clouds, says Blocks and Files. Google Cloud may be one of the candidates.

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