MuleSoft updates the Anypoint Platform with DataGraph

MuleSoft updates the Anypoint Platform with DataGraph

MuleSoft introduced DataGraph to the Anypoint platform on Tuesday. The new tool will streamline API requests. With the Anypoint Platform, users have a unified solution that leverages a single GraphQL query to locate, access, and deliver data from multiple APIs.

The developers will subsequently be relieved of the work of having to write numerous API requests.

To show how valuable the tool can be, MuleSoft surveyed global IT leaders to collect information for its Connectivity Benchmark Report. Nearly nine out of ten companies said integration challenges were hampering the transition to the new digital age.  

What else is included

The new Anypoint Platform release comes with dozens of updated connectors for common services and apps like Automation Anywhere, Stripe, JIRA, Google Sheets, and Netsuite. Users will also find MuleSoft Accelerators for SAP, retail and financial services.

Accelerators are tasked with collecting technical assets like templates for implementation and API specifications and documentation used to help a large enterprise implement many MuleSoft use cases.

The Anypoint Platform has been used for several use cases and showed its value earlier this month when it was implemented by Intelematics.

The value of the Anypoint Platform

Intelematics, a mobility services provider, used the Anypoint Platform to survey what is happening on Australia’s roads and improve service delivery to its customers. The plan was initially to use the platform to streamline customer onboarding.

The results were stellar since it cut down the onboarding time from half a day to 15 minutes.

Intelematics CEO, Nick Marks, said that MuleSoft empowered the firm’s teams to unlock data and automate many of the tasks, like data extraction, which would take up a lot of time. The digital experience changed, allowing the service to provide better traffic data and keep cities moving safely.