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Veritas, the data management firm, said on Tuesday that it is expanding its ransomware data protection hardware and services, to work in more environments, including the public cloud and Kubernetes. Veritas is popular among IT circles for helping organizations protect critical information and data services.

In addition to data protection, it also provides data management services (on-premises and in the cloud), storage optimization services, and helps organizations with compliance requirements. These new updates are part of its flagship software offering (NetBackup) and are designed to help users protect themselves better against ransomware designed to breach container environments.

The threat of ransomware

In recent times, it seems like hardly a month goes by without hearing about companies paying millions of dollars to get their systems back from ransomware groups. The growing threat of ransomware has made it imperative that company data has to be protected.

Veritas says that companies are concerned about this issue, seeing as they host components of modern apps that attract ransomware gangs’ attention. NetBackup provided native protection across Kubernetes layers, distributions, clusters, namespaces, persistent volumes, and custom resources, with full protection and several recovery options in case of a mishap.


With new ransomware protection for Red Hat OpenShift, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), VMware, and Tanzu, Veritas says that NetBackup offers unmatched support for Kubernetes data protection.

Doug Matthews, the Veep of Product Management at Veritas confirmed that ransomware is a growing threat targeting critical infrastructures like hospitals, telecoms, oil, gas, food processing companies, and more. NetBackup is positioned as the leader in backup and recovery solutions for enterprise users. The new release comes with support for cloud protection and a host of other improvements that rival the rivals in significant ways. Find out more about the release here.