Zoho debuts new BI tools

Zoho debuts new BI tools

The new BI platform with improved data analytics and visualization empowers businesses to create actionable insights.

As a leading provider of cloud-based platforms, Zoho helps with various processes from employee onboarding to accounting and data management, etc.

Yesterday, they announced the advent of its new Business Intelligence platform, an advanced version of its analytics applications, to help companies gain real-time business insights to devise effective strategies.

Core features of Zoho BI

It takes data from more than 250 sources, including HubSpot, Microsoft Corp, Google LLC, etc., and then analyze this information to create easy-to-use insights to be displayed on visual dashboards.

One of its popular features is the Zoho DataPrep that is also available for customers to buy as a standalone product. The Zoho DataPrep uses artificial intelligence to collect and organize data from different pipelines and integrates it into displays, ready for analysis.

Another distinguishable feature of the platform is Ask Zia – Zoho’s conversational AI tool. Functioning much like Alexa, Ask Zia gives business users the ability to ask questions without the need for technical knowledge about the business itself. In addition, ask Zia also provides scenario analysis to aid business owners in decision-making.

According to the regional manager of Zoho Corp, “There are too few BI platforms in the market that have advanced skills in both data analytics and preparation. This leaves businesses struggling to achieve accurate insights. Zoho BI platform changes the way businesses analyze their data by using augmented realities. This ensures that organizations use legitimate data to determine existing funds, investment opportunities, and new revenue streams to gain a competitive edge in the market.”

Zoho BI – pricing

The platform is available for on-premises and cloud implementation. Prices start at $8 per employee per month and go up to $30 per employee per month if deployed on-premises.

Annual subscriptions are available at $108 and $360 per user for cloud and on-premises use.

The new Zoho DataPrep is priced at $40 per month for the standard plan that offers two million rows for a maximum of three users. Other enterprise plans are also available.