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Informatica introduces the first cloud-based marketplace to simplify the process of researchers looking to extract meaningful data sets and AI models

Informatica has introduced a whole new way for organizations to obtain datasets and AI models to analyze and extract useful insights from. One of the toughest tasks for any data scientist is to research and find the data before they can actually analyze it and extract valuable information from it. This is where the Cloud Data Marketplace comes in.

What is the Cloud Data Marketplace

Informatica has aimed to provide a library of data sets and AI models for organizations to use and simplify the research process. Most researchers run into several problems when it comes to finding data. Datasets can often be stored in different divisions and sometimes on multiple systems. Retrieving this data can be a struggle, and that is what Informatica wanted to simplify.

The Cloud Marketplace centralizes all this data to give easy access to researchers and eliminate the need to extract data from each source manually.

Who is the Cloud Marketplace for?

The cloud marketplace ensures that it will make research effective and efficient. Informatica ensures that its data stores are accurate and in accordance with internal policies. With all the data centralized in one place, an organization can save time, cost, and resources. This will result in improved performance and productivity. The Cloud market place can be used for a number of business processes, such as:

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Data Scientists
  3. Data Governance Teams
  4. Mission-critical Analytics Initiatives

The Cloud Marketplace is considered the flagship offering from Informatica. It aims to synchronize data and bring it into a single system, making life easy for data researchers.

About Informatica

Informatica has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange for the past six years. It recently shifted its entire business model to cloud computing and has seen a significant rise in its valuation. Only time will tell what Informatica brings for us next.