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Sumo Logic announces four AWS Quick Start integrations for Amazon Inspector at AWS re: Invent. Through the integrations, Amazon Inspector becomes a viable data source for Sumo Logic’s holistic cloud monitoring software.

AWS and partners develop Quick Start integrations to deploy AWS solutions with pre-built configurations. Quick Start integrations often save most of the time-intensive configuration that normally precedes deployment.

Sumo Logic, a developer of observability solutions, is one of AWS’ integration partners. At the annual conference AWS re:Invent, the organization announces the availability of four Quick Start integrations for Amazon Inspector.

Amazon Inspector

In itself, Amazon Inspector entails a service for monitoring the security of applications deployed in an AWS environment. The solution reports on found threats in order of priority. In principle, organizations using Inspector have all the tools available to set up the solution for monitoring applications in AWS environments. In practice, Amazon Inspector is integrated and offered in branded solutions by integration partners such as Sumo Logic.

In the case of Sumo Logic, the proprietary solution concerns a SaaS platform suitable for the monitoring and analysis of cloud environments with resources from multiple vendors. The newly introduced Amazon Inspector Quick Start integrations help configure AWS environments for monitoring and analysis purposes in Sumo Logic’s platform.

Integration into Sumo Logic

Once integrated with the platform, Amazon Inspector signals found threats and insights to Sumo Logic’s platform. Sumo Logic proceeds to display the findings in a dashboard. According to the organization, this dashboard translates Amazon Inspector’s findings into understandable insights.

Even more important is the fact that Sumo Logic can process Amazon Inspector’s data into holistic views of environments with clouds from multiple vendors. The organization develops integrations with services from various cloud vendors, which allows monitoring and analysis of multi-cloud environments. In short, the new integrations with Amazon Inspector strengthen the level of detail at which Sumo Logic observes AWS environments. That, in turn, strengthens the monitoring of any environment in which AWS plays a role.

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