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Sumo Logic has announced a range of new features for its SaaS platform. New customers are more likely to gain new insights through better onboarding, according to the company. Another notable addition to the platform is Predict for Metrics. The tool enables users to monitor system usage and identify potential issues before they become major problems.

As part of the package of announcements during KubeCon/CloudNativeCon 2023, Sumo Logic lays out the improvements it has made to its platform. This includes extending compatibility for its Linux distro, which now includes the ability to monitor Windows systems as well as Linux and macOS.

New customers

Sumo Logic’s revamped onboarding process promises new customers that infrastructure monitoring can be up and running within minutes. The streamlining allows users to install the software in three steps. The three programs a user can complete in five minutes are sequentially Collector Setup, Source Configuration and Dashboard Setup. The end result is a unified view of all applications through a single OTel (OpenTelemetry) portal.


In addition to facilitating onboarding, Sumo Logic is providing information about Predict for Metrics, for which there is a showcase at KubeCon/CloudNativeCon. The feature is designed to control the “chaos” of production issues, downtime and rising cloud costs. Predict for Metrics allows users to predict what the requirements of applications, cloud systems and infrastructure will be. By predicting the requirements of applications, cloud systems, and infrastructure, Predict for Metrics enables users to make informed decisions about how to deploy resources and avoid potential bottlenecks.

Predict for Metrics is a so-called “metrics query language operator” that allows users to unleash complex calculations on large data sets. It uses linear and autoregressive models, which means it can use data points from the past to predict trends in the future. On Sumo Logics dashboards, the data can be viewed in an organized way.

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