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This latest platform release offers more sophisticated analytical capabilities that enhance decision intelligence.

DataRobot Inc. announced their new product named “DataRobot Core”. The product aims to automate artificial intelligence allowing data scientists to create high-end machine learning models. This solution was designed to simplify the creation of machine learning models with the help of AI models making the process efficient and saving time for data scientists.

DataRobot Core simplifying ML generation

DataRobot Core is essentially a machine learning model platform that allows data scientists to create composable ML. The solution enables data scientists to move from code-first to automated ML model generation quickly. The platform offers code-centric workflows on Apache Spark and an open programming interface that access the DataRobot AI Cloud.

Efficiency v. flexibility

The DataRobot Core was built to make ML generation easy. To assist the process, the new platform includes several features. These include:

  • An extensive portfolio of accelerators
  • Simplify the integration of third-party apps and libraries to improve AI delivery
  • Community support to share knowledge between data scientists
  • Easy access to other DataRobot solutions

It is designed to help AI creators meet the increasing demand and scalability, collaborating on the same platform and creating sophisticated ML models. Apart from the use of AI, the platform also offers automation.

Holger Mueller, an analyst with Constellation Research Inc., believes that AI automation can be complex due to the exponential increase in data. DataRobot Core comes with pre-built AI platforms automating many steps of the AI life cycle. However, only the users can decide if they are comfortable with the tradeoff between dependency and decreased costs or are ready to compromise on efficiency for flexibility.

All in all,  there is plenty of potential for DataRobot Core to help businesses combine rules with models.