AWS simplifies compliance auditing with Cloud Trail Lake

AWS simplifies compliance auditing with Cloud Trail Lake

AWS launches Cloud Trail Lake, a managed solution to simplify data control for security and compliance reasons.

AWS Cloud Trail Lake is an extension of the AWS Cloud Trail, an existing service. Companies can use the service to audit their data for security and compliance standards.

Cloud Trail Lake is suitable for companies using cloud environments. The managed service allows the storage, structuring and navigating (through SQL) of files relevant for audits. This makes it easier to meet security and compliance requirements.

In AWS Cloud Trail Lake, all relevant data is stored, prepared and optimized for analysis and queries. This prevents companies from having to set up separate data processing pipelines for audits. Centralization in one environment also makes it easier to develop specialized workflows.

Other functionality

Other functionality offered by AWS Cloud Trail Lake includes the immutable status of all data stored in the service, support for data events from multiple AWS regions and accounts, and a standard retention period of seven years.

New AWS Cloud Trail customers will receive a 90-day trial of AWS Cloud Trail Lake. The managed service is now available from the Cloud Trail console in the European AWS regions of Ireland, London, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt and Stockholm.