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IBM recently acquired data observability startup Databand.ai. The technology improves data quality to fix large-scale problems.

The Israeli company expands IBM’s big data offering. Business decisions are increasingly dependent on big data. Companies benefit from tools that shed light on the quality of data and potential problems. Ultimately, Databand.ai improves decision-making and cost savings.


Databand.ai developed a research methodology that allows data professionals to review their data infrastructure and integrate data into other solutions. The observability technology uses historical data to calculate the trends of data workloads and data pipelines at the source. The trends are used to determine whether the data is working correctly and where problems may occur.

Integration into Instana and Watson Studio

IBM’s acquisition should ensure that the technology is further integrated into open-source and commercial solutions used in modern IT stacks. In addition, IBM will give customers the option to purchase the technology as a SaaS service or via an (on-premises) subscription.

Databand.ai’s technology will be integrated into multiple IBM services and tools. The acquired company will become part of IBM’s Data and AI division. Other assets include IBM Observability by Instana APM and IBM Watson Studio. Databand.ai will expand the data observability capabilities of these solutions.

Financial details were not disclosed.

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