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CyberRes and Google Cloud integrated Voltage SecureData into Google BigQuery. Joint customers can deploy Voltage SecureData to increase data privacy and security in BigQuery.

CyberRes is the security portfolio of Micro Focus, a UK-based IT services and software provider. Among the portfolio is Voltage SecureData, a data security solution. The software scans all storage locations in an infrastructure to find and secure sensitive data.

Data security is relatively straightforward when data is stationary (at rest). The challenge starts when data moves (in transit) and is processed by applications or users (in use). To secure each stage, Voltage SecureData combines monitoring, encryption and analytics.

CyberRes recently announced a partnership with Google Cloud. The partners integrated Voltage SecureData with Google BigQuery. Joint customers can now deploy Voltage SecureData to secure data stored and processed in Google BigQuery.

One of the benefits is encryption. Voltage SecureData’s encryption algorithm is now available within BigQuery, allowing encrypted data to be processed faster and easier. In addition, the integration allows organizations to migrate quickly and securely data to BigQuery.

Multi- and hybrid cloud

Integrations are essential to Voltage SecureData. More and more organizations use multiple cloud environments. By integrating technology from multiple cloud providers, Voltage SecureData allows customers to securely move data between cloud environments.

Google Cloud isn’t the first partner. CyberRes announced the integration of Voltage SecureData and Amazon Macie In July 2021. Amazon Macie is a data security service for Amazon S3. The integration allows files in S3 to be secured with Voltage SecureData. Snowflake also maintains an integration with Voltage SecureData.

Tip: AWS anchors security even more firmly in cloud infrastructure