SymplyPerifery provides object storage in edge environments

SymplyPerifery provides object storage in edge environments

DataCore and Symply introduced SymplyPerifery, an object storage appliance for media companies. The solution allows organizations to offload data from central storage systems to edge environments.

Large media companies process vast amounts of data. Videos and imagery are typically archived and reused. A cost-effective storage system is necessary.

DataCore and Symply launched a joint storage solution for media companies. SymplyPerifery consists of two components: object storage software from DataCore and a storage appliance from Symply. The software allows the data of central storage systems to be offloaded to the appliance, which was designed to run at the edge.


SymplyPerifery supports common storage systems like Avid, StorNext, NAS and SAN. The appliance runs on DataCore Perifery, a new object storage software tool from DataCore. The software is responsible for connecting central storage systems and routing data to the appliance.

DataCore and Symply designed the solution for edge environments. Data in edge environments is more accessible to on-premises applications than data in cloud environments. Companies that edit and reuse archived data at a later date can cut storage costs by archiving at the edge.

SymplyPerifery supports S3 applications. In addition, the solution comes with integrated software for media production, management and security. Tiger Bridge helps manage private and public cloud resources, StorageDNA simplifies data security and axledit allows real-time data editing in the cloud.

DataCore Swarm

DataCore Perifery is based on Swarm, DataCore’s existing storage object solution. Swarm is suitable for most on-premises and private cloud environments, while Perifery focuses on edge environments. “We chose DataCore Perifery as the engine for our new archive appliance because of its lineage to Swarm”, Symply CEO Keith Warburton said during the announcement.

RedShark News reports that SymplyPerifery will be available from Q4 2022 onwards for €99,995. The appliance offers 576TB of capacity. Support and software licenses are provided for three years.

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