Cloudera expands data platform with new features

Cloudera expands data platform with new features

Cloudera recently unveiled a series of new features and solutions for its Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). The introductions should help companies move data workloads and applications between cloud-based and on-premises data services.

The first addition to the CDP is Portable Data Services. The solution consists of multiple services that allow companies to easily move (meta)data, data workloads for analytics and applications between data lakehouses and data warehouses. The solution removes the need to redevelop applications for migrations.

The services that make up the solution touch on data engineering, warehousing and machine learning. The services are based on a common codebase and therefore provide the same functionality on AWS, Microsoft Azure and on-premises private cloud environments.

Secure Data Replication

The second addition is Secure Data Replication. The service is part of Cloudera’s SDX unified fabric and was designed to secure the movement of data and metadata.

The service allows users to quickly and securely copy or transport data and metadata between different Cloudera environments in on-premises datacenters and public clouds. The replication manager also features data security governance policies that can be enforced on data regardless of its destination.

Universal Data Distribution

The third addition is Universal Data Distribution. According to Cloudera, the solution is the first data ingestion service for hybrid data. It provides companies with greater control over their data flows, from source to use, across on-premises and cloud environments. Security, scalability and cost-effectiveness are key, Cloudera said.

The service is part of Cloudera DataFlow, which enables data distribution through more than 450 connectors and processors in an ecosystem of hybrid cloud services, including data lakes, lakehouses, cloud warehouses, edge environments and on-premises sources.

Cloudera’s new services are available immediately.

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