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HP has presented new Z by HP Performance Desktops for workstations. Workstations for artists, engineers and data scientists that should give them more computing power and capabilities than before. These workstations are based on the recent Intel Xeon W-3400- or W-2400-series processors and Nvidia/AMD GPUs.

The new Z by HP workstations come in four versions; the HP Z8 Fury G5, the Z8 G5, the Z6 and the Z4. According to the manufacturer, these workstations offer the right balance of CPU and GPU performance. This should give the workstations more speed, accuracy and creativity for the work that users want to perform.

The features available in the various HP Z workstations will allow users to perform tasks such as importing and working with large data models and collections, running complex simulations and training complex deep learning and machine learning models faster.

All models now released have the appropriate necessary configurations to do these tough workloads, HP indicates. HP uses the new Intel Xeon W-3400 and W-2400 series processors recently introduced for workstations. Built-in graphics cards include Nvidia RTX GPUs or AMD Radeon/Radeon Pro GPUs.

Top model HP Z8 Fury

The top model of the Z workstations presented is the HP Z8 Fury. Under the hood, this powerhouse offers up to 56 cores in a single socket CPU. In addition, this model features four GPUs with 2 TB of DDR5 memory. This configuration is especially suitable for deep learning, virtual productions and VFX.

The entry-level HP Z4 G5 model is suitable for advanced workflows, from ML to advanced video editing. This with a 24-core Intel Xeon processor from the W-2400 series, two high-end Nvidia or AMD GPUs and up to 512GB of RAM. In addition, this workstation features a range of applications to help get intensive workflows up and running and offers expansion capabilities when those workflows require even more.

HP Z6 G5 and Z8 G5

The HP Z6 G5 workstation is more suited to graphics-intensive workloads. Think data-intensive models and data sets. The workstation features up to 36 cores in an Intel Xeon W-3400 processor, three Nvidia/AMD GPUs and 1 TB of internal memory.

The HP Z8 G5 is designed for those users who need the most computing power for CPU-intensive workflows, such as rendering with real-time ray tracing, data visualization and model training. This workstation also provides the flexibility needed for changing demands.

This workstation features two sockets for fourth-generation Intel Xeon processors. This should provide up to 64 cores and support for two high-end GPUs from Nvidia or AMD. Available internal DDR5 memory is 1 TB.

Management capabilities

For managing these Z by HP workstations, the manufacturer offers, the HP Anywhere remote System Controller functionality. This is a single dashboard for launching KVM sessions and performing out-of-bound work. In the latter case, think pre-boot access, BIOS updates, and re-imaging of each site.

Ultimately, this allows IT administrators to manage large numbers of workstations, access secure system information and other data for infrastructure troubleshooting. These workstations also have the latest security functionality, HP indicates.

The HP Z8 Fury G5, the HP Z8 G5, the HP Z6 G5 and the HP Z4 G5 are available now. The HP Anywhere Remote System Controller will be available this spring. Pricing for the various workstations will be announced soon.

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