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Cisco is launching a new video bar with native support for Microsoft Teams Rooms. A new device management solution will make the video bar and other meeting equipment manageable.

For mid-sized meeting rooms, Cisco is introducing the Room Bar Pro, a deluxe version of the Room Bar. The device works optimally in meeting rooms of five to 10 participants.

Automatic framing

The video bar can frame several people simultaneously through a 96 MP, dual-lens camera system. By default, the camera looks for speakers in a field of 70 degrees, but the wide-lens camera will search in an area of 112 degrees. In addition, this camera can also tilt vertically between -2 degrees and 20 degrees, while this hinge lacks on the standard Room Bar.

The camera is complemented by a microphone set consisting of sixteen elements. This should enable the device to distinguish precisely which participant is speaking. Those who wish can expand the number of microphones via analog connection (2x) or USB (2x).

Finally, one speaker is added compared to the dual stereo speakers in the Room Bar. Via two USB-A connections, this number can be further expanded.

AI complements the hardware. This automatically focuses on speakers and should make them clearly audible through noise reduction. There is also the possibility of listening to live translations and AI automatically creates virtual meeting zones in glass-walled rooms to avoid capturing passers-by.

The video bar can be used on Webex, Cisco’s video platform. Native support for Teams Rooms will follow in July. With this, the company spotlights its partnership with Microsoft.

The Room Bar Pro is available in white and black versions. Prices start from $8,295.

Device management

According to Cisco, companies still often struggle with managing their meeting solutions. Control Hub should change that. This is an out-of-the-box solution in which administrators get a tight overview of all meeting devices, such as their connection status and meeting room information. Meeting solutions from other brands rather than Cisco’s are also included in the overview.

Soon, ThousandEyes will integrate with the solution. This will allow IT to identify and fix problems in a meeting room quickly.