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Google releases AirDrop alternative Nearby Share for Windows

Google releases AirDrop alternative Nearby Share for Windows

Google has officially released Nearby Share for Windows PCs. The tool allows files from Android phones to be transferred to Windows devices from a short distance.

Google has been working on the file transfer tool for several years, for example for photos or videos. The alternative to Apple AirDrop or Samsung Quick Share already worked for transferring files between Android phones, but was still in beta for Windows PCs and laptops. The tech giant recently removed this beta, making the tool now fully suitable for file transfer between Android devices and Windows PCs and laptops.

New functionality

The tool has gained new functionality in the general release for showing previews in notifications and a timer that indicates how long the file transfer will take.

Users can use the service without logging into their Google account. However, logging in allows the tool to limit itself to sending and receiving files with contacts or only own devices. These more secure options are not possible without logging in, so the tool allows files to be received from anyone.

In the near future, Google may want to provide Windows PCs and laptops with Nearby Share by default. Agreements have reportedly already been made with manufacturer HP for this purpose, including for the HP Dragonfly Pro laptop.

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