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End of Microsoft Surface Duo appears to be in sight

End of Microsoft Surface Duo appears to be in sight

Microsoft has been very quiet around the future of the Surface Duo. It is unknown if the foldable device will get any updates and if the tech giant will add any new features. The end seems to be in sight.

According to Windows Central, it has become uncertain whether Microsoft still sees a future in the Surface Duo. For example, Microsoft is not giving a definitive answer as to whether it will be getting any upgrades to the Surface Duo 2 in the near future. A source from Windows Central states that the Surface Duo has been discontinued. For now, it is only known that the device, which is now two years old, will still receive security updates until Oct. 21, 2024.

In addition, development work on previously announced additional functionality appears to have stopped. Functionality that Microsoft was said to be working on included a new Continuum Mode supported by Windows 365. This feature would allow users to log into a Cloud PC environment with their Surface Duo 2 when pairing the device with an external display. The device would also get AI-based eye correction for the camera at some point.

Other clues

Furthermore, Reddit users indicate that if the device is broken within the warranty, they will get their money back instead of a new Surface Duo. Microsoft has reportedly run out of devices in stock in most regions, which makes giving money back easier than replacement.

All of these issues point to the end of the Surface Duo, according to Windows Central. Earlier it was announced that Microsoft has stopped work on successor Surface Duo 3 and would now work on a true foldable smartphone.

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