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European regulators take measures against iPhone 12

European regulators take measures against iPhone 12

The Dutch regulator for digital infrastructure demands a statement from Apple about the radiation hazard of the iPhone 12. The amount of radiation emitted would exceed the European standard. Politicians in Belgium have called for all Apple devices to be checked.

France’s ban on selling the iPhone 12 arouses the interest of the Dutch Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur (RDI). The regulator wants to start a conversation with Apple in the short term to ask for clarification. This is according to Inspector General Angeline van Dijk’s statement to the Algemeen Dagblad.

State Secretary for Digitalization Mathieu Michel ordered the telecom watchdog to analyze all Apple devices in Belgium. The analysis will then expand to devices of other brands, VRT NWS reports. “It goes without saying that I will ask for efficient action if the analysis indicates a possible danger to our health,” Michel said.

European standard exceeded

French regulator ANFR previously banned the sale of the iPhone 12. Regulators’ staff physically check whether devices are removed from stores. Apple must develop a software update for devices already sold to ensure that SAR levels remain within the permissible parameters. If Apple does not address the problem within a short time, the French government is prepared to initiate a recall. The tech giant will be given 15 days.

Foreign regulators cannot simply ignore these harsh measures. After all, a European standard would have been exceeded, and all EU member states must respond. The German regulator is reportedly considering the same steps as the Netherlands, while iPhone 12 sales in Spain have already been at least temporarily halted by the country’s regulator.

‘No acute safety risk’

However, there is no evidence that electromagnetic radiation poses a health risk. The EU decided to impose a maximum standard for the radiation because it does have the potential to heat the body. “A standard has been exceeded. Fortunately, there is no acute safety risk,” the Dutch regulator stated.

Legal SAR values are 4 watts/kg for radiation exposure to the limbs and 2 watts/kg for the rest of the body. Testing by the French regulator found that the iPhone 12 has SAR values of 5.74 watts/kg.

Apple disputes results

The tech giant already declared it disputes the results to the French news agency AFP. According to Apple, several independent analyses would never have found excessively high SAR values. In previous tests, the iPhone 12 also complied, otherwise, the product would not have been allowed on the European market.

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