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Logitech has appointed Hanneke Faber as its CEO as of December 1 this year, Reuters reports. This ends a months-long search after top executive Bracken Darrell made a surprise move to sneaker manufacturer Vans earlier this year.

In recent months, American-Swiss Logitech had been hard at work searching for a new CEO, ever since Bracken Darrell announced his departure in June of this year. Supervisory Board member Guy Getch served as interim CEO for the past few months until a successor was found.

Unrest within Logitech

The search for a new individual to lead the company led to disagreements within Logitech between the SB and co-founder Daniel Borel, Reuters writes. Borel, who still owns 1.5 percent of Logitech’s shares, was very much against the re-election of SB chairman Wendy Becker.

According to Borel, the company under Wendy Becker’s leadership has done too little to cut costs. Logitech has suffered from disappointing sales figures lately, after seeing revenues skyrocketing during the pandemic. As it happens, the chairman of the Logitech Board of Directors allegedly failed to ensure that a succession strategy was in place in the event that former CEO Darrell stepped down.

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Arrival of Hanneke Faber

At least with the arrival of Hanneke Faber on Dec. 1 of this year, the CEO succession issue is now a thing of the past. Of Dutch nationality, Faber comes with experience from Unilever, where until recently she was responsible for the food division. She previously worked at Ahold Delhaize and Unilever competitor Procter & Gamble, among others.

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