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Logitech Zone Wireless 2: a premium headset that eliminates all background noise

Logitech Zone Wireless 2: a premium headset that eliminates all background noise

Logitech is introducing the Zone Wireless 2, a business-oriented headset that can perform even in crowded environments. Thanks to AI, it eliminates background noise not only for users themselves, but also for all conversational partners. Among other features, the new product offers four noise-cancelling options and a replaceable battery and ear cups.

A short time ago, we attended Logitech and learned about the ergonomic Wave Keys keyboard. They also unveiled the Zone Wireless 2, a headset designed for busy business environments and home use. 85 percent of all home workers say they face audio problems due to their own equipment or communication problems with other participants in online meetings. Logitech also says that many workers have to make do with old and inappropriate equipment in their own homes, possibly a relic of the sudden switch to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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To help users concentrate, Logitech, like other companies, is deploying ANC (Active Noise Cancelling). Users can switch between four options, referred to as Hybrid ANC. First, there is ANC High, which can take away the noise aboard a crowded train, as one example. ANC Low is more suitable for home use to eliminate background noise. The most exciting ANC-related feature is Transparency Mode, which dynamically pauses the noise-cancelling when someone walks by and says something to you. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the promised functionality in the Apple Vision Pro VR headset, where others see the user’s eyes when they speak to that person. ANC can also be turned off completely, completing the four options available.

Certifications, functionality, design

At launch, we can spot certifications for Zoom, Google Meet, Google Voice and Google Fast Pair. There’s also a variant specifically geared for Teams.

In terms of functionality, Logitech cites Smart Enumeration, among other key selling points, which ensures via the receiver that the headset is only recognized as an audio device when connected. Additional controllability of the device can be unlocked via the Logi Tune and Logitech Synch apps. Users can set up a personalized listening experience with Tune, which is implemented on both desktop and mobile. IT personnel can apply Remote Magement through Logitech Synch, such as updating firmware remotely.

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As an improvement over its predecessor, the Zone Wireless 2 can run audio via USB-C. This prevents the headset from being unusable while charging. With a battery life of 40 hours, this shouldn’t be a regular occurrance. The actual talk time is listed as 15 hours when ANC is on and 18 hours with the ANC feature off. Media and audio volume can be controlled with a motion on the ear cup.

Replaceable and recycled

“Zone Wireless 2 is a premium headset from Logitech for experienced professionals who need control, precision and innovation,” reveals Prakash Arunkundrum, Chief Operating Officer at Logitech. “We designed Zone Wireless 2 with advanced technology for premium performance and a lower carbon footprint.”

This carbon footprint is curtailed in part by the use of PCR plastic. 20 percent of the Zone Wireless 2 consists of this. This is a lower percentage than we usually see in electronics; Logitech explains that this is due to the fact that a headset is a more complex product to build than a keyboard or the chassis of a laptop. Thus, it requires stronger material to guarantee its durability.

Price and first impressions

Since the original Zone Wireless is available for 229 euros (the Plus variant costs 249 euros), you would expect a successor to be in the same vicinity price-wise. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the Zone Wireless 2 is positioned as a properly premium product at 359.99 euros. It’s a bold price point to say the least, making the headset more of a Zone Wireless Pro in truth.

The Wireless 2 is designed to be suitable for any user. The ear cups sit flat on the ear and the headband can be pulled out to a rather extreme extent. However, our first impressions are that you still have to experiment a bit before finding a comfortable position that also allows ANC to function properly. However, the ANC functionality is impressive and the audio output is high quality as far as online collaboration goes. Ultimately, the call experience still depends on the equipment other users deploy, but Logitech is pulling out all the stops to make the most of what’s there.

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