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Logitech expands Portfolio with Zone Wired headset

Logitech expands Portfolio with Zone Wired headset

Logitech recently announced the Zone Wired headset. With this new headset, the company aims to bring a complete range of both wireless and wired headsets to the market.

With the Zone Wired Headset, the company focuses primarily on the personal work environment and would give users more flexibility to choose the solution that best fits their individual environment.

UC and Certified Microsoft Teams

The new headset will be released in both a Unified Communications (UC) and Certified Microsoft Teams version and is compatible with the wireless version of the device, the Zone Wireless. The Zone Wired can be used with various popular videoconferencing applications, such as Zoom and, indeed, Microsoft Teams.

Phillippe Depallens, General Manager of Personal Collaboration at Logitech, says the company has a history of focusing on small, medium and large meeting rooms. Now Logitech wants to add a category of products to its portfolio focused on the personal work environment. These products should provide a full experience of working together remotely, whether with audio, webcams or both.


Premium audio drivers and microphone

For example, the Logitech Zone Wired comes with a web bundle to complete the personal work environment. In addition, the headset would be equipped with premium audio drivers to provide better quality calls and conversations.

For Microsoft Teams open office environments, the device is equipped with a premium microphone, which automatically minimises the sound of conversations in the environment. The Microsoft Teams version of the Zone Wired is also equipped with a unique Teams UI solution and an in-line button to answer calls with a single push and use Cortana voice skills. There is also an in-line controller to efficiently pause, play or mute audio.

The Logitech Zone Wired will be available in the spring of 2020 and has a starting price of 120 euros.