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Logitech launched three new headphones and a webcam series. The Brio 500 webcams and Zone Vibe headphones were designed for hybrid work.

Logitech grew rapidly during the corona pandemic. Its market value rose by nearly 200 percent between March 2020 and March 2022. The organization’s focus on video communications paid off.

Meanwhile, the dust has settled. More and more organizations opt for a balance between remote and office work. Logitech aims to capitalize on the trend. The new Brio 500 webcams and Zone Vibe headphones were designed for hybrid employees.

Zone Vibe headphones

The headphone series consists of three models: Zone Vibe 100, Zone Vibe 125 and Zone Vibe Wireless. Each model is lightweight and wireless to suit hybrid work.

The organization designed the headphones for extended use. According to Logitech, the ear cushions remain comfortable during long workdays. The models are aimed at employees who spend a significant part of their day in video meetings and phone calls.

Brio 500 webcams

The webcam series consists of two models: Brio 500 and Brio 505. Both models support resolutions up to Full HD 1080p. Automatic light correction improves image quality in low-light circumstances.

The models run on USB-C and are immediately usable upon connection. “Plug-and-play”, as the manufacturer describes. Like the headphones, Logitech designed the webcams for hybrid work. Employees can easily transport the webcams between workplaces.

The Brio 500 supports face tracking, allowing a user to stand up and move during a conference without losing the frame. The webcam base of both models is tiltable, allowing the webcam to be pointed at an object. A built-in sensor automatically adjusts the webcam feed accordingly.

Certified and durable

The Brio 500 and Brio 505 are certified for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom. The Brio 505 supports a Logitech Sync integration. The integration allows IT administrators to update firmware remotely.

All models, including the headphones, are carbon neutral. Logitech compensates for emissions through sustainability projects. The Brio 500, Brio 505, Zone Vibe 100 and Zone Vibe 125 are available immediately. The Zone Vibe Wireless follows in December.

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