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Framework is a provider of modular laptops. That means that all components of the laptop can more easily be replaced. The company offers a budget-friendly model that costs less than $500 for the first time. But to make the laptop work, the user must already have many components.

At Framework, you build your laptop yourself. This is done by choosing the components that you want to integrate into your device. This way, the user has more opportunities to upgrade the laptop at a later stage. The user can choose, for example, to integrate a more powerful CPU. All components are easy to take apart since the user once put the laptop together himself.

Budget model with a catch

The company did not have an offering of bug-friendly laptops until now with Framework Laptop 13. It is made out of an average configuration, but as a result, the cost does not exceed $500.

The average configuration includes an 11th-generation Intel Core i7 processor with Iris Xe Graphics. That is perfect for a budget laptop to perform basic tasks.

It’s just that the user can’t get started on these basic tasks right away. The Framework Laptop 13 does not have an adapter, RAM, storage or an operating system. So, for $500, Framework does not sell you a complete laptop. The company assumes that buyers have been customers of Framework for some time and can, therefore, grab all needed components from previous configurations. It is also possible to purchase these components when ordering at additional costs.

Bring your own OS

Buyers who choose a DIY laptop will never get an operating system, by the way. That gives buyers the choice of running Ubuntu or Linux Mint, for example.

It is also possible to purchase the laptop with the components already installed and with the Windows operating system. For this option, the buyer pays an additional cost. These buyers still have the advantage that the device can still be taken apart later to replace or upgrade components.

To come to a conclusion, modular laptops remain expensive. Framework also recently started selling the Framework Laptop 16, which starts at a price of $1,579. It is possible to have a modular laptop from this company shipped to several European countries.

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