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Microsoft is unveiling two new Surface laptops that target a business audience. Both models are equipped with Intel chips. The software was also revamped, allowing administrators to configure colleagues’ work laptops more easily.

The Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 are the latest models with which Microsoft aims to appeal to the business audience. Surface Pro models are characterized by a detachable keyboard, allowing them to be used as tablets.

Een tablet met een stylus en een aangesloten toetsenbordstandaard, schuin weergegeven tegen een witte achtergrond.

The Surface Pro 10 has a detachable keyboard. Source: Microsoft

Intel chips

The chip selection in the Surface laptops is limited to Intel. The specific chips are from the Core Ultra notebook processor line. These chips contain a third core in addition to the CPU and GPU: the NPU (Neural Processing Unit). The third core is important for the AI PC and handles AI workloads with low power consumption.

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For the Surface 10 Pro, users have a choice between two processor options of 12 cores. 8 to 64 GB of RAM is available, and users can choose up to one TB of flash memory. For the Surface Laptop 6, different and more powerful chips are available. Users here have a choice of 14 or 16 cores.

IT Toolkit and Copilot key

Microsoft is additionally adding two applications to the laptops’ standard equipment. The Windows App IT Toolkit is aimed at administrators and allows work laptops to be configured or reset remotely. A new Windows App is available to help people quickly log into virtual desktops in Azure.

For the Surface Pro 10, Microsoft also tinkered with the keyboard. The Copilot key will be integrated there.

Specifications and availability

The Surface Laptop 6 has a small 13.5-inch variant and a standard 15-inch model. Both versions have a Thunderbolt 4 connector. The small variant furthermore features only one USB-C port, which goes up to three USB-C ports on the large variant. Finally, the 15-inch model has a smart card reader, if the user takes this option.

The Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 start at 1,399 euros (incl. VAT). The devices are immediately available for pre-order and ship from April 9.

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