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Apple will soon start selling its advanced Vision Pro VR headset VisionPro outside the US. By tapping into foreign markets, the tech giant may want to boost device sales, as it is not exactly taking the US home market by storm yet. Next month, Apple expects to roll out an update for the required VisionOS software as well.

The tech giant is reportedly training worldwide sales staff at its Apple Stores on how to use the Vision Pro, Bloomberg writes. This could indicate that the headset, which combines VR technology with the actual environment (augmented reality), will soon become available in more countries.

The countries in which the Apple Vision Pro will be launched is still unknown. According to Bloomberg, staff training is now happening in Germany, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and China. Whether the VR headset will also come to other European countries is as of yet unknown. The headset was already available outside the U.S. through unofficial channels.

Boosting sales

By making the set available in countries other than the U.S., Apple may want to boost sales of the VR headset. Since its launch earlier this year, the Vision Pro has been primarily a niche product yet to gain much traction.

This is mainly due to its high price tag of 3,499 dollars and the lack of sufficient (business) applications that give the device a clear use case. Therefore, whether the device will perform better outside the U.S. remains a question.

Other updates

Apple may be looking to make its Vision Pro more attractive in June with a new version of the necessary visionOS software. Details on improvements and functionality of the new release are unknown.

In addition, the company is reportedly considering launching a cheaper model but has not yet managed to reduce the headset’s production costs. A new Apple Vision Pro 2 is not due until 2026.

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