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This year, Amazon will introduce eight new Alexa devices, including a subwoofer and a microwave oven.

This year, Amazon will introduce eight new Alexa devices, including a subwoofer and a microwave oven.

Amazon’s got a taste for it. It seems that the web giant is coming this autumn with no less than eight new Alexa devices. Whereas the virtual assistant has until now been limited to use as a refined speaker, there will now be a microwave oven, subwoofer and autogadget.

That’s CNBC today, saying there’s a minimum of eight new devices planned. This includes a microwave, but also an amplifier, a subwoofer and a gadget for in the car. They all have to be put on the market before the end of the year and are equipped with the Alexa Assistant.

Great ambition

The new devices are mainly an indication of Amazon’s ambition with Alexa. The idea is that the virtual assistant will become ubiquitous and can be used in every facet of everyday life, whether at home or in the car. It is therefore already one of the most popular voice base tents and the largest on the market of smart speakers. The market is expected to be worth 30 billion dollars by 2024.

Not only does Amazon come up with an increasing number of devices equipped with Alexa, but the company is also working on partnerships with various other companies. These collaborations mean that other companies can also launch products that work with Alexa. That’s not enough anyway, because as far as CEO Jeff Bezos is concerned, everyone will soon be using Alexa.

Alexa everywhere

We want customers to be able to use Alexa anywhere, he said in July. There are currently tens of thousands of developers in more than 150 different countries who are developing new devices with the Alexa Voice Service. And the number of Alexa devices has tripled in the last year.

In short: the roll-out of Alexa is going well. To this end, Amazon makes all kinds of acquisitions and enters into partnerships. Last year it took over the manufacturer of smart doorbells, Ring. It also entered into a partnership with Lennar, a company that builds houses and integrates two Echo speakers into each new house.

Amazon is also working on a range of its own devices. This includes a robot, which should be released in a few years’ time.

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