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Microsoft is working on a prototype for Windows 10 Timeline in the browser.

Microsoft is working on a prototype for Windows 10 Timeline in the browser.

Microsoft would work on a prototype of Windows 10 Timeline that runs in the browser. There are indications found for this product, reports MSpoweruser. The service has already been brought to Android and will later be brought to iOS via the Edge browser.

On Android and iOS, the service initially worked only if there was an integration with Cortana and the app was also installed on its own mobile device. However, this month the feature also came to Android phones without that integration. The Microsoft Launcher app allows you to view the computer’s Timeline on your smartphone via a link to the cloud.

However, there is still a long way to go before an iOS version is released. Microsoft previously announced that it would bring the feature to iOS via Edge. And now it looks like this is in production. An Azure website has been discovered on webshellprototype.azurewebsites.net, which seems to be a prototype for the service.

Whether Timeline will ever be available outside Edge – in other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari – is unknown. The status of the prototype is also unclear.


Timeline is a service that allows you to resume previous activities on the computer you’re working on, other Windows computers, and iOS and Android. The service consists of an overview of snapshots of previous relevant activities. A scrollbar makes it easy to look at previous activities.

In addition, you can see in one overview what you have done before and you can sort your activities by the hour. All activity consists of a combination of a specific app and a specific piece of content that you viewed at a specific time. The activities are linked to a web page, document, article, playlist or task.

Later it became possible to remove parts of the Timeline, for example a specific hour of activities. If desired, it is also possible to remove a complete day. It is also possible to upload the archive to the cloud.

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