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Android Q gives users more control over privacy settings’.

Android Q gives users more control over privacy settings’.

Privacy is currently an important issue. More and more people are aware of the amount of data that companies collect about them and are less happy with it. A new rumor about Android Q, the next major Android release, states that Google will take advantage of this.

Users would have more control over privacy settings from Android Q onwards. The XDA site states that users will soon be able to prevent an app from collecting data when it is running in the background. At the moment, apps can do that, even if they are not open.

Block data collection

At the moment, users of Android can only choose to block the data collection completely. The problem with this is that an app often doesn’t work at all, because certain data is needed for it to function. By choosing to allow this, apps can immediately collect data about the user, even when the app is not in use. XDA states that users from Android Q get more choice in this.

The site also states that Google adds a dark mode, which has been the subject of rumors for a long time. For example, developers already found references to it on the code site Chromium, where reference was made to a deadline for the development of dark icons. It is intended that apps and the screen within this mode will be automatically darkened.

Android Q also offers the option to link your smartphone to a monitor. This suddenly makes the mobile operating system an even more flexible whole, which can therefore also serve as a back-up computer. But because few people are able to work on the relatively small smartphone screen, this is a good addition from Google.

Android Q is expected to be released in the course of August.

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