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Samsung Galaxy Fold screens after two days broken at reviewers

Samsung Galaxy Fold screens after two days broken at reviewers

Several reviewers report that their review copy of the Samsung Galaxy Fold broke down within two days. The Galaxy Fold was unveiled by Samsung in February, and comes with a foldable screen that unfolds to a 7.3-inch display.

For folding, the phone includes a flexible plastic screen with a hinge. That’s where the review copy of Dieter Bohn of The Verge broke. He writes that there was a bulge in the hinge, causing a sharp point to pass through the screen. It broke the screen.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says on Twitter that he also has problems with the screen. However, he reports that he has removed the protective layer from the screen, which apparently was not the intention. Marques Brownlee, a popular tech-reviewer on YouTube, had the same problem. Samsung has already warned users that this layer should not be removed from the screen, as it could damage the phone.

CNBC also tested the phone, left the protective layer in place and discovered after two days that the screen still broke down. When the phone is unfolded, you can see that the left side of the screen is flickering.

Statement Samsung

It is striking that the screens constantly break in different ways. Sometimes the screen breaks in half and in other cases the screen doesn’t work at all anymore, Silicon Angle notes. It is therefore possible that these are all isolated problems.

Samsung has already given an explanation to The Verge. In it, the company says that it “will carry out an extensive, personal investigation of the defective equipment in order to determine the cause”.

The company also reiterates that the top layer of the screen should not be removed. “The main screen has a protective layer, which is part of the screen and is designed to protect the screen from scratches. Removing that layer or adding glue can cause damage. We will ensure that this information is clearly communicated to our customers.”

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