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Samsung’s foldable phone just can’t get out of the starting blocks. Currently, August seems to be the earliest possible date already brings the aircraft into the waters of the new Note.

Whatever’s wrong with the hinge of the foldable Galaxy Fold phone, Samsung doesn’t seem to be able to solve it just like that. The company informs the Korea Herald that nothing is planned for July. This means that a phone launch is not before August at the earliest.

The delay is remarkable as Samsung stopped the launch at the last possible moment. Internationally, review models have already been distributed and Techzine has also been able to use its smartphone for a short period of time. We did not immediately notice any problems.

Note 10

That way the phone suddenly ends up in the water of the Galaxy Note 10. This will be launched by Samsung traditionally from August onwards and is aimed at business users and enthusiasts. A large screen, traditionally provided with a pen, characterizes the device. This means that it is at least partly aimed at the same target group as the Fold.

The Fold was stopped a few days before the launch because of a problem where dirt got under the screen through an opening in the folding hinge. That dirt could deform the foldable screen.


In any case, it seems that smartphones with foldable screens are not for the first time. Huawei, which is preparing a competitor for the Fold and has already proposed this aircraft, is postponing its launch until September. Whether that has anything to do with a technical problem or the US Huawei ban is unclear.

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